Welcome to your Cosplay Dream

You dream about having hot fun with a girl in a special sexy dress? Your fantasy can come true now. We offer a nice time with only young sexy girls in a special costume. Only here you can make all your dreams come true.


Sexy Schoolgirl Angel

Did you ever dream about a sexy chinese Student in a schoolgirl uniform will come to you to have fun together. You want to lift up the skirt and enjoy sexy lingerie she wear? If this sounds hot to you, why not call us now and realize your dream now? more

Sexy Stewardess Angel

Every time you fly to Shanghai you think about having fun with the sexy stewardess come up with the coffee? You think about take her to some hidden area and enjoy she seduce you and make you happy. Than just select our stewardess dress and let your dream come true. Why you think you should wait any longer? more

Sexy Office Angel

You walk down the street and you get hot by all this sexy office girls around. You dream to lift up the skirt, touch the sexy body, feel the smooth skin of her leg, stroke the stockings up to the ass? Than ask for our hot secretary style and realize your dream tonight! more

Sexy Nurse Angel

Did you imagine from time to time, if the sexy hot nurse wear stockings or pantyhose under her dress? Did you think about check out her dress, style and body? Than why not call your nurse to your room now and enjoy a massage, a blowjob or full service. Call her now! more

Sexy Evening Angel

You want to meet a hot elegant lady in a sexy evening dress. Dream about having a drink with her, than go to your hotel room. Watch her taking off her high heels, than take off her stockings, than start to massage you? Than you relax and enjoy her service?  more

Sexy Chinese QiPao (Cheongsam) Angel

You visit chinese restaurants from time to time? You think the sexy asian waiter in the QiPao looks really hot? And you think if the skirt would be shorter, even more hot? But you can not touch her? QiPao can be very sexy, if the right girl will wear it for you . Ask your private beauty to come to your room now and enjoy a great time with a chinese girl in a sexy QiPao. more

Sexy Swimsuit Angel

A sexy slim asian girl in a swim suit can be so hot. She is totaly dressed, but you can see every curve. If she look in your eyes, you will feel a big promise and you want to check it out. Do you think this can make you hot now? Than call your special massage girl now.  more

Sexy Police Angel 

If you like to be arrested tonight, than ask for our police lady. She will come to your room and than change dress to police uniform, than you can enjoy her great service and enjoy to be touched    - and perhaps dominated - by a hot sexy asian girl. She will wear a short skirt, perhaps black stockings, and she will exactly know how to make you happy? Sounds nice? Than call us now. more

Sexy Kimono Angel

You like japanese Ladies? You like the combination of totaly dressed girls, but same time you also know it would need only one second to put away the dress? If you like to be spoiled like you see in japanese movies, than check out our Angels with Kimone dress. more

Sexy Bunny Angel

You dream about beeing invited to the famous playboy party and enjoy some time with the hot playboy bunnys? But never got a chance to be there? So call your sexy asian bunny now and enjoy a slim chinese body in hot stockings and a cute top. No need to wait any longer! more

Sexy French Maid Angel

Did you ever dream about having your own maid to fullfill your private fantasy. You can ask her to go down, get up and do everything you like? You can ask her to do anything you dream about? This is what you want? Than ask for our special maid service now. more

Specials (for Full Service Deals only)

Here you find some special dresses, only available for a romantic massage session. Enjoy our special Angels for a hot time now!

Sexy Table Dance Suit

You like the hot gogo dancers in the shanghai clubs? But you never get the change to take your dream girls to a private room? Than why not call our dancer to your room now. She will show up, change dress and than spend a lot of effort to make you satisfy. Why not try it out tonight. more

Tiger Mask Angel

Do you think a sexy hot tiger with mask can be something you would like to date tonight. Do you think it will make you hot, when she stroke all over your body? Than no need to wait any longer. more

Sexy Christmas Angel

Santa Claus can also be very sexy, if it is first a beautifull slim chinese girl and second if she wear this sexy lingerie set including white stockings. When you are bored of normal christmas entertainment, than you should think about our personal christmas Angel. Order your special christmas gift for you tonight. more

Purple Dream Angel

You like elegant lingerie? you like girls in sexy black stockings? You like to she a great sexy asian body covered by black lace? Than your Purple Dream Angel could be your selection for your unforgetable massage. Any reason to wait longer? So why not ask her to come now. more

Sexy Tiger Thong Angel

If you prefer sexy lingerie that will show much more than cover, if yo think "yes" now, you should date our angel with this hot set. Our Angel can come to you tonight, change to the hot lingerie set and than massage you in a way, you will never forget. more

Stocking Nurse Angel

Could be you think fun with a nurse can make your day better now? So you should ask our special service nurse to come to your hotel tonight. As you can see, you will be able to enjoy a really hot girl in a really hot lingerie. Make your day and call her now: more

White Dream Angel

If you prefer a innocent girl in a sexy innocent lingerie, than you should think about call our white dream angel now. She can be in your hotel room in one hour and can make you happy. She will show up, change to this hot underwear, than spend a lot of effort to massage you. more

Sexy Princess Angel

You like to see a sexy hot asian Girl in a sexy hot black and white dress? You want to see her take off the dress? Slowly? And you want to feel her hands all over your body? You can enjoy a unforgetable time now. Don`t miss your chance to meet our princess angel tonight. We will make your dream come true. more

Tiger Stocking Angel

Enjoy a very special time with our asian tiger angel with sexy stockings. Sometimes you will stay in your hotel and think a girl in hot lingerie can bring some color to your boring night? This lingerie set is very special and hot, so will also make you hot. So call us now (24 hour service). Your sexy tiger can be at your place in less than one hour. So don`t miss you chance  and call us now. more

White innocent Angel

You love to see a slim sexy body covered by some white lace? You love the innocent style of white stockings? Can you imagine to be massaged and seduced by a girl only wear this sexy set. If so, your imagination can come true now. Don`t waste your time and ask for your white innocent Angel now. more